Saudi Real Estate Company Al Akaria / Al Widyan Mega Project Riyadh



Directing / Managing a multinational staff of over 100+ Engineers and design studio staff. Providing organizational structure as a subject matter expert on P3O Program Management.

Managing a Program portfolio, the largest being Al Widyan with in excess of 7 million square meters of land area and 8 million Square meters of built up area as a trusted consultant. Providing conceptual design, BOQ’s, MTR’s, and RFP’s for both Design Build and EPC construction. Setting up and implementing the latest Program management techniques and best practice, P3O, PMI, Prince II, MPMM and Center of Excellence. 80% all done in house. Complete Master Planned Mega Program! Sustainable Housing, Villas, Hotels, Schools, Universities, mosques, mixed use shopping and much much more!




King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, Project For Development of Security Forces Medical Complexes



Saudi Arabia’s largest healthcare project, and also the largest medical project in the GCC, is the estimated $6.8bn King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz project for the development of Security Forces Medical Complexes. This comprises two separate medical cities for security forces that are being developed in Riyadh and Jeddah on behalf of the Kingdom’s Interior Ministry. The total built-up area for each medical facility is 400,000m². It will also have residential villas and apartments with a built-up area of about 500,000m², while the medical complexes themselves will have about 200,000m² of car parking. The scope of work includes three hospital buildings, an academic and clinical center, research center, office buildings, service stations, villas, apartments, car parking and associated facilities





Yas Water World & Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


ALDAR Properties PJSC, Yas Island Owner's Representative as SME (Subject Mater Expert) directed and managed the architectural and engineering designers, ride vendors and directed the construction activity of Yas Island Waterpark and Ferrari World; which included design, budget, program, and construction of the Main buildings, rides, roller coasters, and attractions.



Salwa Resort indoor/outdoor waterpark, Doha Qatar






 Esentai Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan


A mix-used development of approximately 8.7 hectars comprised Seven Buildings incorporating several functions such as parking, offices, hotel, SPA and executive serviced apartments, all automated by a unique smart building system.
•    The Esentai Tower and Ballroom with its height of 162 meters (40 Stories) and a construction area of 87,000 sqm,
•    Three Residential Towers, with heights of 72 m (22 Stories) and a construction area of 99,926 sqm
•    Shopping Mall and Fitness Center, construction area of 181,000 sqm
•    Total construction area of 368,000 sqm.
•    Cost 1.2 Billion usd
•    *Infrastructure cost is included however land cost is not!
My participation in this Development was hands on as to a land acquisition (Working with business development) redesign, tender, contract preparation negotiations, award, procurement and logistics. The bulk of the day to day operations were handled by my staff of three site project managers and site engineering professionals. I was also heavily involved at start up commissioning and the punch out of the various facilities not only for the actual working of the facilities but for the contractual close out as well, which in the beginning was being dictated by the contractor, this was soon corrected and performed by our engineering staff with very positive results.
This project had its own set of issues / obstacles that were all over come! I cannot take sole credit for all the solutions of the issues this project and my many others have presented, but would rather say that the obstacles were overcome by my team and collaboration with others. I will however take the responsibility and credit for the leadership, influential problem solving and motivation of the team:
•    Difficulty in infrastructure: Electric substation had to be up graded (This was negotiated with the local utility by myself with approval from the Board) an underground tunnel was provided for turn around on main through fare Al-Farabi Avenue at an additional cost of proposed 9 m usd to 7.7 after re-measurement as per contract.
•    The contract was not issued as a whole but rather broken down in work packages / stages by building (Core and Shell) and infrastructure (Various components), fit out was also a separate package. The issuance of so many contracts and the coordination presented its own set of issues which were all over come.
•    The PM/CM consultant was not up to the task and was replaced by our own in house team made up of Professionals whom I had previous working relationships. This saved the project some 2.2m usd as compared to remaining with the PM/CM Company. * It should be noted here that PM/CM companies assume no risk!
•    Concrete presented an issue so in order to resolve this BASF was called to produce a constant high-grade quality despite fluctuations in cement quality.
•    The Contractor although world recognized had great difficulty in Kazakhstan mainly with employee relations and their quality control. This was resolved by awareness classes and remedial work all done at the contractor’s expense.
•    Difficulties with the Hotelier and their budgets and design which were presented as non-negotiable but were later negotiated in better favor of the stakeholders.
•    Of course financing during the crisis was a huge challenge throughout the life cycle however working with business development on leasing, marketing for pre-sales, value engineering throughout, Managing negotiations with contractor and sub-contractors to ensure closure of deals at the most competitive prices and credit terms thus resulting in enhanced cash flow management for the development, selling of residences portion the project and re-measurement of the construction portion as per the re-measurable contract off set the claims and change orders.



Sary- Arka Business Center Astana, Kazakhstan


Business center “Isker” – it is 15 floors of offices with comfortable planning and modern design. The business center is gainfully located in prestigious business part of the Capital with well-developed infrastructure and transport access, between the left and right bank of Astana, i.e. near to the new administrative center of the city and offices of large national and foreign companies.

technical specifications

  •     business center of the “А” class
  •     number of floors: 15
  •     total area: 12084 square meters
  •     local system of conditioning (fan coil “winter-summer”)
  •     suction-and-exhaust ventilation
  •     automated fire-alarm system, sprinkler fire fighting system, voice announcement, smoke exaust, fire water supply is available
  •     ceiling height: 2.7 м.
  •     3 passenger elevators “Sigma”, 1 service elevator
  •     24/7 electronic system of access control
  •     24/7 video surveillance system
  •     guarantee electric power supply of the building with 2 feeders and automatic transfer circuit-breaker
  •     II category of power supply


  • conference halls   
  • restaurants
  • ATM's and payment terminals
  • services of an attorney, notary, insurance company
  • points of periodicals sell   
  • rest rooms and smoking rooms   
  • premises for warehouse and archive


Eurasia Tower Moscow Russia


•    Eurasia Tower height of 303 meters (72 Stories) and a construction area of 207,677 sqm,
•    Hi Rise Mixed Use Complex offices, apartments, a casino, a hotel, and other entertainment.
•    Total Cost for this project after new contract will be 350m usd.
This project was started in 2004, due to political issues, permitting and financing the construction stopped. In 2008 my participation was to re-start the project after months of due diligence issuing of new contracts the project has begun again. Picking up a project that had been moth balled for some 3 to 4 years with all participants now gone and records in disarray and nonexistent presented its own set of issues, I will highlight just a few.
•    Construction materials no longer present and pilfered all of which was re purchased.
•    Weathering of façade lying on ground in storage area unprotected, new system was purchased.
•    Mitigation of previous debt to employees and debtors.
My site staff consists of 2 Project managers one civil and one structural, procurement team, 8 MEP engineers, business manager and office staff.



Ivera Hotel Tbilisi Georgia


* Ivera Hotel height of 82 meters (26 Stories) and a construction area of 10,840 sqm,
* The projects main focus is the operation of an international quality hotel under the Radisson SAS brand with 250 rooms including 16 suites, lobby, two restaurants, conference center, spa and all “back of house” facilities. In addition the building accommodates a class A bank office as well as a casino.
* Total Cost for this project 90 Million usd.
My participation in this Development was from inception through completion.
* Again in early stages of construction the PM/CM Company had to be terminated and project was administered by my staff of 1 Senior project manager and team of MEP engineers.
* Change orders were a continuous issue with the contractor and were heavily negotiated.
* Schedule delay due to force majeure circumstances (Russia invaded Georgia) this did impact cost.
* Logistics posed an issue but were minimized by making bulk purchase and providing bank guarantees.



Avari Islamabad, Pakistan Hotel


* Avari Hotel height of 80 meters (25 Stories) and a construction area of 60,000 sqm.
* Redesigned from 31 floors
* 415 Suites, 2 ball rooms, 4 restaurants and 250 space parking garage
* Cost 85 Million usd
My participation in this development was from redesign and current construction.
* Design had to be reduced due to the seismic zone and local authority restrictions which changed during the design stage from 32 stories to 25. This was a negotiation handled by myself as to the cost of redesign which was substantially minimized from its original cost.
* Currently preforming value engineering on entire program saving some 8m usd from original budget.
* Awaiting financing.



Crescent City Crescent place Baku Azerbaijan


* Crescent Place height of 158.68 meters (35 Stories) a luxury hotel with 104,182 sqm 382 Suites
* At 32 floors tall is also a luxury hotel, this time with 221 rooms. There are 128 serviced apartments in the building. 128,140 sqm.
* Behind it stands Crescent City a further four high rise buildings, three of which are residential with the tallest of the quartet being a 43 floor office building standing 203 meters tall.
* At Present total cost of this development is estimated at 1.9 Billion usd.

My participation in this Development is value engineering of the design and feasibility for construction and further investment.
* Several issues: The current infrastructure will not support this development.
* All of this development and there are 200 parking spaces.
* No freight elevators in any of the structures.
* No walk way cross overs from major thoroughfare running parallel to. Development