Military Experience

UNITED STATES ARMY RANGERS (August 1973 - September 1996)

Responsibilities: Commander, Combat Engineer directed Brigade from 3000 to 5000 personnel with operating budgets up to $5million, built consensus among diverse groups, planned numerous new military and air base facilities, infrastructure and enhancements to existing facilities. Provided both the brains and the muscle to keep things moving and fighting. Highly educated and trained Combat Engineer who used skills to overcome all physical obstacles, natural and man made. Mobility tasks include sustainable infrastructure, boarder protection, high voltage distribution, Power Plant construction and operation. Main role was to provide Civil engineering on the battlefield. Trained in all aspects of Civil, water distribution, Electrical Engineering. Construct road, bridge, tunnel and all infrastructures. Able to protect troops, equipment, weapon systems with expert leadership and the use of plant machinery to construct facilities and earthwork defenses. Responsible for brigade Command up to 5000+ soldiers who were trained to deploy on short notice anywhere in the world under the most difficult circumstances and operate key infrastructure. Commanded the finest soldiers with the finest equipment throughout the world ranging from Korea to Africa to Thailand to El Salvador. Ensured the leaders were the best trained, most competent, and (most confident, without fail. Managed Command staff of over 100 personnel with responsibility for administration, logistical, financial, and operational functions that directly affected up to 5,000 soldiers at any one time; established standards and quality control in all these functional areas, and ensured the standards were met.